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VisualAivika is a visual simulation software tool for System Dynamics and Systems Thinking. It works on Microsoft Windows and requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.


There is an easy-to-use diagram editor that allows creating nice looking Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD) as well as Stock and Flow Maps (SFM). There is also a simulation component that supports its own high-level modeling language. There is the equation editor, where you can define integrals, arrays, random functions. Moreover, VisualAivika supports the Monte-Carlo simulation, which allows providing Sensitivity Analysis. There are means for plotting charts on the diagram to show the results of simulation in a form of Time Series, XY Chart and Deviation Chart. The results can be exported.

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There are four editions of VisualAivika:

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The simulation component of VisualAivika is based on a port of the Aivika simulation library, which is a separate product Aivika for .NET focused mainly on discrete event simulation.

You can use the Political Instability Model as an example.