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Aivika Documentation

Aivika is divided into two parts. The main libraries are licensed under BSD3. In most cases it will be sufficient to use them only.

At the same time, if you need to run the distributed simulation experiments, for example, then you will probably need Aivika Extension Pack, which use is governed by the following License.

PDF Documentation

The basic concepts of Aivika is described in the following PDF document:

API Reference Documentation

The open source Aivika libraries are hosted on Hackage DB, where the API reference documentation is available:

Regarding Aivika Extension Pack, you can build its API reference documentation yourself after installing Aivika Extension Pack as described in the Installation instructions.


Also many packages contain a lot of examples and tests. You can use them to study how to apply Aivika.


The main idea of the Aivika method is described in an article (in Russian) published in theses of The Seven All-Russia Scientific-Practical Conference on Simulation and its Application in Science and Industry "Simulation. The Theory and Practice" ("IMMOD-2015") that was held October 21-23 in Moscow: